Sunday, October 4, 2009

Current BFA Project

Here's a spin-off of the Moby Dick story that we all are working on. Looking forward to put this ship in action!


Cullen Brown said...

Hey Vu this is all really solid stuff man. I think you are especially excelling in the prop/vehicle/boat design area. I too think it would be really cool to either have someone model one of your designs or you yourself try and model something just to show that you can really design for the 3D game environment. That would really be an awesome little hint in your folio!

Great stuff dude keep it up.

On another note, how was the ride at Santa Teresa on Sat? Did you guys take some more footage?

Vu said...

Cullen, thanks man! Yeah I'll consider modeling some of these props when winter comes along so I can practice Maya at the same time.

On Sat, I didn't take the camera with me. We were there this time just for the pleasure of riding. The weather was cool, perfect for Santa Teresa. Me and Mike knocked it out pretty fast, around an hour and 30 mins.